"The Nest" in Austin is a breeding ground for creativity. It sits on a beautiful 2 acre plot twenty minutes outside of Austin and yearns for artist's attention from around the world. We have been in business for over twenty years and produced hundreds of records. We have seen the industry change and stood in our roots of true recording because we care. We are a studio that believes in a clear interpretation and want our artist and friends to succeed and be truly happy with the product they receive whether it be just a vocal overdub, a mix, or an entire record from pre-production and writing all the way to being sent off to mastering. Over time we have collected many trusted studio musicians that we are in contact with full-time so that we may be as much assistance as we are able to. We have no problem adding that we also have one of the most exclusive and powerful set of gear around, everything we have is boutique and in outstanding manor, it all starts with our  Wunder board, 24 channels of analog heaven. Directly out of there we head to 1"  tape machine which is going to give you the desired analog warmth everyone banters over. BUT! Digitally we do not slum either as we have Pro Tools 10HD at your beckon call. We are truly ready for any project.



owner, founder, producer, engineer


co-owner, project manager, producer, engineer




engineer, producer